Check out our church calendar for current upcoming events, or read on for some of the typical highlights of a year at Castleview.


Rekindle Couples’ Retreat

An opportunity for married couples to get away for a few days for fun and games with other couples, Bible messages to exhort and refresh, and of course, some alone time.


Easter at Castleview

A celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday each year. These services often include more special music than a typical service, and have frequently featured a short film produced locally by our church.


3v3 Basketball Tournament

It’s been our privilege as a church to provide a fun, safe, and top-notch basketball tournament for the youth in Castle Rock since 2008. Tournament staff volunteer their time to put on the event, including registration, refereeing, match scheduling, concessions, and dunk competition judging.


Fall Fest

In 2019, we held our first ever hoping-it-would-be-annual Fall Fest on our new church property on Crowfoot Valley Road. From pumpkin decorating to pumpkin launching, hay bale mazes to 3-legged races, it was an absolute blast. In 2022, we revived the Fall Fest at our current meeting location on Castleton Way, and we’re hoping to be back on our own property by fall 2023.


Christmas at Castleview

There’s nothing quite like Christmas to bring people together. As Christians, the season is filled not only with sentimentality and warmth, but also the awe-inspiring remembrance of the humility of our Savior. He came to us that time not with vengeance but with glad tidings, not as a warrior but as a baby, not to rule but to die. As with Easter, we love to celebrate Christmas with music and film, and we’d love to share our celebration with you.

Of course, there are many others: singles’ retreat, missions conference, teen camp, a variety of life group activities, and more. Check out our church calendar or join us on Sundays at 10:30 am to hear the latest. And you’re always welcome to contact us for more information.